Area Credit Manager – Housing Finance

2. RESPONSIBILITIES & TASKS:  ( Key responsibilities & tasks carried out by the Position)

Credit Underwriting & Approvals :Manage the credit underwriting process for assigned area, ensuring adherence to policies and regulatory compliance.

Analyze and approve/decline loan applications within delegated authority, applying risk-based underwriting principles.

Conduct field visits to verify borrower information and property details as needed.

Liaise with branch teams and loan officers to address credit-related queries and provide guidance.

Portfolio Management & Risk Mitigation :Monitor and manage credit risk for the assigned area's portfolio, identifying and mitigating potential delinquencies.

Conduct regular portfolio reviews and implement proactive risk mitigation strategies.

Collaborate with regional and zonal credit managers to address portfolio concerns and share best practices.

Branch Support & Development :Provide coaching and support to loan officers within the area, enhancing their underwriting skills and knowledge.

Conduct ongoing training and development sessions on credit policies, procedures, and risk management practices.

Foster a collaborative and supportive work environment within the area, promoting knowledge sharing and continuous improvement.

Reporting & Compliance :Prepare regular reports on credit performance, risk metrics, and area-specific trends for regional and zonal managers.

Ensure adherence to all relevant banking regulations and regulatory guidelines within the area.

Conduct internal audits and compliance checks to maintain high standards and risk management practices.