• Noida, India
  • Minimum Ex. 2 year - Maximum Ex. 6 years

Job Description

Role Responsibilities • Act as a first point of contact for the CEO & MDs. Deal with their correspondence including organising meetings and appointments
• Initiate communication with stakeholders, both internally and externally, to obtain information, ensuring follow-through and closing the communication loop
• Plan and organise travel and accommodation when required
• Keep track of scheduled appointments and ensure deadlines are met on time.
• Handle confidential and non-routine information and facilitate communication between appropriate teams.
• Support in preparation and presentation of reports and related activities.
• Act as a gate-keeper, protecting the CEO's & MDs’ time, while managing positive relationships with all internal and external stakeholders

Job Overview

  • Industry : -
  • Country : India
  • Vacancy : 1
  • Job nature : Full Time
  • City : Noida
  • State : Uttar Pradesh