Manager Quality

  • Mumbai, India
  • Minimum Ex. 10 year - Maximum Ex. 13 years

Job Description


Job Description for Quality Assurance / Quality Control

Job location: Mumbai




Key purpose of the job: The role is responsible for implementing Quality Management Systems & internationally accepted best practices. The role will drive vendor empanelment, developing onsite quality management processes, quality target setting, statistical analysis, CoPQ and productivity improvement, supplier capability development, workmanship training needs identification, design standardization support etc. The role also involves co-ordinating with site teams to ensure compliance to approved specifications, protocols, both in Civil & Finishing Quality.



Implement Quality Management System’s & internationally accepted best practices

Develop onsite quality management processes and set quality targets for construction & finishing works

Identify, evaluate and qualify suppliers / sub-contractors for materials and authenticate mock ups / sample flats

Prepare and deploy method statements, inspection and test plans for Construction & finishing works

Conduct audits and regular site visits with focus on Construction & finishing works

Analyse Construction & finishing related issues, visit the project sites and deploy corrective actions by involving site quality managers, contractors and Third Party Quality Auditors (TPQA)

Workmanship training needs identification

Conduct trainings for site & contractor staff on all topics related to Construction & finishing

Generate and maintain data bank of literatures, product data sheets and other brochures related to Construction & finishing works

Ensure that work done on site meets specifications & complies with national & international standards & best practices

Reducing the number of repairs and reworks because of Quality errors




Formulate a snagging & desnagging procedure in line with the existing SOP & implement the same to ensure a smooth handover from Project Management to Estate

Ensure that the Finished Quality of the projects meet all relevant standards and addresses the expectations of customers across different segments

Implement systems & procedures to control in process quality by stage wise inspection of activities through check lists & ITP’s

Ensure compliance of all criteria related to ISO 9001:2008 / TBEM by closing of all NC’s raised by auditors, maintaining trends related to quality data, Bench Marking with competitors, recording improvements & updating of relevant SOP’s

Ensure development of new technologies such as RCB, JK structures, Plaswall etc., review its feasibility from serviceability & long term durability criteria, recommend testing methods & preparation of ITP’s & method statements to implement the works

Training of all manpower related to critical activities and ensuring that all workmanship on site meets acceptable standards in line with codal provisions & internationally accepted best practices

Conduct factory inspections of finishing Materials & participate in Vendor empanelment & selection

Material testing at project site so as ensure that only approved materials are used on site & that every material being used is fit for purpose’

Process checking of construction activities

Ensure compliance to method statements and activity sequences at site

Undertake reporting of non-conformance to quality standards through the process of internal quality audits, ensure closure of any non- conformities identified during audit

Formulate and process the data from the reports submitted by Third Party Quality Audit agencies

Calibration of testing equipment, Cube testing, regular testing for quality

Analyse the quality reports and identify areas of improvement

Assist in preparing, establishing, and implementing InternalQuality Audit for the TMS audit and ISO 9001 surveillance

Undertake higher level quality analytics through statistical processes




Identify opportunities for improvement in quality through use of better equipment, improved work practices/techniques and new materials/technology

Be the driver for continuous improvement and innovations through the implementation of best practices

Sharing of best practices & learnings through circulation of case studies on root cause analysis of repeated non-conformances & implementation of learnings on project sites for continual improvement

Formulate a process of evaluation through the creation / updating of existing QA/QC manual. This manual shall be updated at least on an annual basis

Create a manual of Visual Quality Aids for the use of workmen covering every major construction & finishing activity

Ensure Implementation of learning’s of new technologies on site

Provide quality related training to onsite teams and the external contractors




Internal & External Interactions
Internal: Project Management Group, Project Heads, Procurement, Design, Contracts, Corporate Quality Team,

External: Consultants, Contractors, Vendors & Suppliers, TPQA’s & Institutes of learning, Third Party Quality Audit agencies, suppliers, contractors, external laboratories


Education & Experience Requirement:

B.E./ B.Tech (Mechanical or Civil) with a diploma in quality management

10+ years of relevant experience in the quality function of a Industrial or Logistics or Warehousing/ construction/ PMC industries


Job Overview

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  • Country : India
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