Floor Specialist

  • Mumbai, India
  • Minimum Ex. 10 year - Maximum Ex. 15 years

Job Description

Position: Manager – Floor Specialist Job Base Location: Mumbai. Head Office, Handling PAN India Projects at multiple locations.
Roles & Responsibilities – Quality Assurance
1. He will be A point of contact (POC) or single point of contact (SPOC), a person serving as the coordinator or focal point of information concerning Industrial Flooring/IPS/FM2 and all other Activities associated with the same.
2. He will be responsible for Planning, Scheduling, programing, Managing, Monitoring, Coordinating, and Reporting of Industrial Flooring/IPS/FM2
3. He will be Co-ordinating with All Agencies like Design Team, Architect, PMC, and Contractors for Industrial Flooring.
4. Coordinating for all associated tasks (with Flooring Activity) like Earth Filling, Compaction, Services, prerequisites, etc.
5. Co-ordinating for Design, Drawings, Approvals, Technical Clearances and Checks for Flooring and associated Activities.
6. Effectively monitoring, controlling the Quality Checks & Inspections at all stages and levels of Prerequisites, Pre-Concreting, During Concreting and Post concerting of Industrial Flooring/IPS/FM2
7. He will be responsible for Execution and Completion of Flooring Activities in all projects and Final Acceptance.
8. He will be responsible for collecting all updates and Report Submission to all other Departments and Reporting HOD.
9. He will be visiting all Sites periodically and ensure Timely Completion of Flooring activities in all projects to the required level, acceptance, and compliances.
10. He will be extensively coordinating with Contractors, PMC’s and Head Office to achieve the Company’s Objectives for the Successful completion of Flooring aspects in all aspects. 11. Highlighting, Clearing, recording, and reporting all hinderances to complete the Flooring activity at all project locations

Job Overview

  • Industry : -
  • Country : India
  • Vacancy : 1
  • Job nature : Full Time
  • City : Mumbai
  • State : Maharashtra