The UI profile requirements is as follows –

Min experience of 5 years
Adept in React, Angular and Typescript
Focus is on Typescript and therefore Angular will be a great benefit
More the coding experience the better


Notice period – Immediate or 15 days


Years of experience – 5+ Years


Location – Pune

AMF Mechanic

Senior Software Developer

Knowledge / Experience

6-12 years of experience in software development

Hands on C++ experience on Unix, with design patterns and complex architectures.

Strong OOPS concepts, application of STL and fond of mathematical problems

At least 2 years of experience of development on UNIX (Solaris/Linux) platforms, fine tuning the systems and code refactoring

Experience in development of multi threaded application.

Experience in development of client server architecture with TCP/IP and multicast messaging.

Experience in Inter process communication (sockets, message queues, shared memory, semaphores), real time application development

Experience on debugging and profiling tools

Ability to map regulatory and client requirement with product and design solution.

Ability to provide technical support to team

Ability to handle production issue and provide quick solution

Highly professional, client focus and passion for learning new developments

Good understanding of Agile development practices.


Additional requirements (good to have) –

Exposure to exchange gateways, FIX messaging, Equities markets & trading systems

Exposure to Automated testing, Continuous Integration – processes, tools etc.

Knowhow of Git, Google Test Framework for unit testing


Python + Power BI

Skils: Python full stack with power BI skills