Internal Auditor

Job Title Audit Manager

Function Internal Audit

Qualification &

experience Qualified CA with 2-3 years of experience as an Internal auditor (strictly) with Steel industry, or Manufacturing Industry only

Team Audit Team

Base Location Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Reports To Group Head- Internal Audit

Benefits · Saving Salary & other Expat Benefits: Salary Range – USD 2000-2500 (In Hand per month) Plus $600 deposited in NSSF Contribution (Both Employee & Employer contribution) (Just Like PF).(Total Monthly Earnings will be: 2600-3100/- Approx. (Including NSSF). · Extra Monthly Allowances: Electricity allowance, Gas Allowance, Maid allowance, mobile allowance, fuel allowance, medical allowance. Approx $125/- · Other Benefits: Single Status accommodation, Lunch in Factory, One month Paid Leave every year, Economy Class return ticket every year, Medical as per company policy, Every year Bonus as per company performance.

Role Purpose & Role

Dimension Ø To deliver an effective and efficient financial control with end result of financial statement and cost control measures with proper co-ordination with reporting authority. Ø Develop internal control on all support function related to operation. Ø Holds an overall knowledge of business and functions. Ø Establish adequate internal control on financial functions. Ø Develop internal control for to manage other support activity as well as commercial functions for getting best business result.

Key areas for Decision

Making i.) Planning and execution of Audit plan. ii.) Execution of audit with deliverables within time line with best results iii.) Planning individual department /functions audits within the group, defining audit objectives and preparing audit plans iv)Completing on-site business audits, evaluating the effectiveness of controls and writing up reports v.) Discussing business teams about working practices vi.) Challenging current working practices and finding ways to improve internal risk controls vii.) Adapting behaviour, where necessary, to encourage auditee to co-operate fully to achieve the purpose of the audit viii.) Collecting and reviewing financial accounts and other financial data ix.) Proactively evaluating risks and internal controls against changing trends and market/economic conditions x.) Sharing with the auditees the results of the audit and agreeing appropriate

corrective actions to remedy any non-conformances and the date by which the actions should be carried out xi.) Reviewing compliance, ensuring the organization is adhering to rules, codes or practice, business ethics, internal guidelines and principles xii.) Identifying ways in which the organization can deliver better value for money and services.

Key Accountabilities

and result areas: Internal Audit functions: a.) Financial Audit: Audit of Monthly MIS, Financial transactions, Payments/receipts, Debtors/creditors managements system, Finding reporting, accounting excellence by providing guidance to Finance controller. Operational audit: Production Audit , Yield analysis, variance analysis , system and control matrix, Wastage management and controlling over wastages, Inventory and Stock audit , Risk Analysis, Maintenance and repairs etc.

General Accountabilities & Responsibilities Leadership: To be responsible for developing and leading the Audit Functions under group internal auditor in a professional manner which ensures that it is effective and commands a high standard of or respect both internally and externally. Strategy & Planning: Develop and implement Audit & Internal control strategy to optimize the Audit and Internal control function which is compatible as per Organization's strategy. Professional Technical: To maintain a high level of integrity and objectivity in undertaking Audit work including that requested by the Management and reporting to the authority. Relationships Managing: To establish and maintain effective and constructive working relationship with internal customer, team members and external agencies. Data Protection & Confidentiality: Complying with Data protection act as applicable – treating all information acquired through your employment, both formally and informally in strict confidence and in accordance of Organization ethics. Marinating client records and archive systems in accordance with departmental procedures, policies & statutory requirements. Flexibility: The above mentioned duties are neither exhaustive nor exclusive. From time to time you may be required to undertake responsibilities outside the normal duties as described in JD / or as Management decides as priority with the scope of your grading level and competency.