Assistant Manager- Marketing


Karle Infra Pvt Ltd (KIP) is a real-estate and urban infrastructure development company, headquartered in Bengaluru, India. One of KIPs largest projects is the town center. Karle Town Centre (KTC) is an inviting, buzzing township that inspires human activities of business, living and leisure to reach new realms of greatness. The design philosophy is a fine balance of nature, health, community and creativity.



The integrated township has mixed use development – 3 precincts on campus integrate 3 residential, 5 commercial & 2 retail hubs. These include SEZ as well as non-SEZ spaces. Other projects by KIP include

Commercial space (Karle Premium at HAL road, Bengaluru)

Plotted developments (Karle Summit at Yercaud, Karle Habitat at Mysore, Karle RiverVille at Goa) and

Future projects in Goa and Mangalore

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Opportunity in the brand team: Marketing communications associate/ specialist

Since the launch of KTC 2.0 in 2020, the Brand team has executed various digital and offline campaigns, aimed at creating a strong awareness amongst our audience. For the next 3-5 years, all our efforts will be focused on creating a close knit community of users that will interact with the integrated township in the years to come, through communication that's engaging and relevant.

The Brand team is on the lookout for a team member who’s responsibilities will revolve around 4 key perspectives: strategic, operational, financial and people skills. This team member will assist the brand team to conceptualise and drive initiatives for employees, campus residents, the community around campus, and the city of Bengaluru in the years to come.

The role involves:

1. Assisting RO in crafting relevant marketing strategies to drive user engagement

2. Creation of the annual communication calendar

3. Developing verbal content related to the brand and its initiatives in the form of marketing communication (digital and offline), direct mailers, blogs, articles and website copy

4. Effective management of social media platforms + PR + influencers

5. Liaising with various agencies, partners, vendors, and nurturing relationships throughout the lifecycle – from onboarding to payments

6. Staying dated on industry and competition activities

The team member should have:

1. Strong communication skills and a passion for visual communication (visual marketing, design, data visualization, visual storytelling, presentations, infographics)

2. A degree in Marketing, Communications or a related field

3. 3-5 years of experience in crafting engaging verbal content

4. Experience in working with/ in a creative/ digital marketing agency

5. An affinity to community building/ sustainable practices/ innovation

6. Conducted effective marketing activities during their professional career


Please reach out to Alex Nigli from the Brand team (Marketing) for any related information.